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Sana-Tea women's kit

Sana-Té Woman is a kit designed for all women to enjoy the perfect balance in our body, mind, and soul, thereby achieving greater harmony in our lives.

This kit includes: Sueña Bonito Tea + Stevia Sweeten Your Soul + Valor Flower Essence for your soul. These natural products will naturally help you to:
Relax during moments of anxiety crises or panic attacks.
Relax during moments of tension headaches or stress.
Help reduce both emotional and physical symptoms during premenstrual, menstrual, and menopausal moments.
Lighten the heaviness after eating.
Naturally induce sleep, which you can drink 40 minutes before going to bed.
Additionally, they will also help you to:
🌿Have courage in your daily life.
🌿Mitigate your fears.
🌿Promote confidence, security, and control over your emotions and yourself.
🌿Facilitate the release of emotions that stall you in states of panic.

And I have included my Sweeten Your Soul in this kit because it's my favorite formula to sweeten your life without guilt.
🍃  It's a 100% natural, pure liquid extract from the Stevia plant leaf.

🌿 It does not change the flavor of your drinks or food, nor does it leave the bitter taste that many sweeteners tend to leave.
🌿 It is free of colorants and enriched with Vitamin C.
🌿It has no impact on your blood glucose levels.
🌿 Ideal for diabetics, children, pregnant women, and anyone looking to take care of their health while still enjoying sweetened drinks and recipes without restraint.
🌿 It has no negative side effects on our body, unlike sugar or other chemically produced artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame.

🌿My Sweeten Your Soul, in addition to sweetening your drinks, can also be used in various preparations like desserts, cookies, and other recipes that need sweetening.

Woman: I know you will love this Kit as much as I do 😍

Important: It has no side effects, does not cause addiction, and does not interfere with any treatment you may be undergoing; rather, it can complement it by aligning with your vibrational field and helping you to balance any feeling or emotion that is out of balance.

👉🏼Remember, with the purchase of my natural products, you receive absolutely FREE a weekly breathing and inner connection exercise to relax your mind and nervous system.

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Sana-Tea women's kit

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