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Essential Kit

If you're seeking a natural alternative that propels you to live in a balanced, pleasant, and positive way, let me introduce you to my Essential Kit.

It consists of my 3 Floral Essences:

Calma para tu Alma (Calm for Your Soul):

Naturally aids in calming the mind.
Propels you to feel inner well-being, helping you regain purpose and love for your life.
Encourages hope and the enjoyment of the present moment: here and now.

Rescate (Rescue):

Naturally helps to alleviate occasional stress.
Facilitates harmony in crisis situations.
Provides clarity to confront extreme tension and promotes calm during challenging times.
Assists in aligning with your inner wisdom to tackle complex episodes.

Valor para tu Alma (Courage for Your Soul):

Naturally assists you in having courage in your daily life.
Helps by mitigating your fears and promoting confidence, security, and control over your emotions and self.
Aids in releasing emotions that trap you in states of panic.

Important: It has no side effects, is non-addictive, and does not interfere with any ongoing treatments. Instead, it may complement them by aligning with your vibrational field and assisting in balancing any feelings or emotions that are out of sync.

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Essential Kit

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