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Té Sueña Bonito
Té - Sueña Bonito

Sweet Dreams Tea - Relaxation And A Better Night Sleep


This calming blend is your perfect partner for ultimate relaxation. Let's explore the wonders of 'Sweet Dreams' Tea:

✅ SLUMBER SWEETLY: Just brew a cup 40 minutes before bedtime and let our blend gently guide you to the land of dreams. No more counting sheep! 🐏

✅ CALM IN THE STORM: Those anxiety or panic moments don't stand a chance. Our tea is your soothing ally during these challenging times. Breathe deep, find your calm. 🌈

✅ RELEASE TENSION: Head full of stress or tension? Let our blend help you unwind and bring tranquility to your mind. Relax, you've got this. 🧘‍♀️

✅ HORMONAL HARMONY: Navigate your premenstrual, menstrual, and menopausal phases with more ease. Our tea is here to support your journey. Embrace your natural cycle with comfort. 🌷

✅ BANISH POST-MEAL SLUGGISHNESS: Say goodbye to that heavy feeling after a big meal. Refresh and rejuvenate with our tea. Digest with delight. 🍽️

Ready to welcome serene nights and calm days? Try our 'Sweet Dreams' Tea today!

lavanda, manzanilla, pasiflora, Hierbabuena, toronjil, árbol casto, raíz de valeriana, aciano azul y té de cereza.

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Sweet Dreams Tea - Relaxation And A Better Night Sleep

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