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Flower essences

What are Flower Essences?

essences are the vibratory energy fields of flowers that help us realign our
emotions and feelings in a healthy way when they are out of balance.



They are
created from specific wild flowers and capture their energy and energetic
qualities. These qualities assist in better perceiving emotional conflicts,
allowing us to learn from them and release them responsibly.



essences have the remarkable ability to resonate with human emotions. As a
result, we use them as a means of self-discovery and a tool for addressing
certain emotions such as fear, anxiety, sadness, and stress.

Why should you consume Flower Essences?

Flower essences are consumed to awaken consciousness. They expand our understanding, raise awareness of problems, and guide us toward the necessary changes to solve them. Above all, they pave the way for a spiritual life.

How are flower essences consumed?

My Flower Essences are consumed sublingually. Simply place a full dropper under your tongue for 15 to 20 seconds, then swallow and take a deep breath.



Another method is to add the Flower Essence dropper to half a glass of water, tea, or infusion. Drink it and take a deep breath.

How often can you consume Flower Essences?

You can consume them up to three times a day. If you feel the need for more frequent consumption, it is acceptable. Consistency is important to establish a connection with your chosen Flower Essence and experience its benefits for your emotional well-being.

Can Flower Essences be consumed by children and adolescents?

There are Flower Essences available for children, adolescents, and adults. However, I suggest consuming them from the age of 18 for my Flower Essences, as they contain a minimal amount of alcohol as a preservative. It is important to ensure the person consuming the essence is of legal age.

Do Flower Essences have any contraindications or side effects?

My Flower Essences are completely natural, with no secondary symptoms or addictive properties. They do not interfere with any ongoing treatments but rather complement them by harmonizing with your vibrational field and helping to balance any imbalanced emotions or feelings.

How long should you consume Flower Essences?

You can consume Flower Essences for as long as you desire. I generally recommend a minimum consumption period of three months to establish a deeper connection and observe the benefits for your emotional well-being. Additionally, you can alternate between different Flower Essences based on the situations or episodes you encounter in your life. For example, if you are experiencing high levels of stress, you can consume "Rescue" or "Calm for your soul," and for moments of known or unrecognized fears, you can consume "Courage." This way, Flower Essences can be your trusted allies during different phases of life.

What is the Calma Floral Essence for your soul?

"Calm for your soul" naturally helps to calm the mind. It encourages inner well-being, a sense of meaning, and love for your life. It fosters hope and enjoyment of the present moment. It promotes emotional vitality by encouraging balanced, pleasant, and positive living.

What is the Essence "Rescue for your soul"?

"Rescue for your soul" naturally helps to relieve occasional stress. It facilitates harmony in crisis situations, provides clarity to face extreme tension, and promotes calmness during difficult times. It assists you in aligning with your inner wisdom to navigate complex episodes.

What is the Essence "Courage for your soul"?

"Value for your soul" helps you naturally find value in your daily life. It mitigates fears and promotes confidence, security, and emotional control within yourself. It facilitates the release of emotions that stagnate you in states of panic.

Can I consume Flower Essences if I am taking medications or supplements?

Yes, you can consume them because

Can my pet consume your Flower Essences?


Can I consume the Flower Essences if I am pregnant or lactating?

You can consume my Floral Essences during pregnancy and lactating because they are totally natural, they do not have secondary symptoms, they do not generate addiction and they do not interfere with any treatment you are doing, before you can complement it by getting in tune with your vibrational field.

How long should I wait to feel the effects of the Flower Essences?

Flower Essences have the ability to vibrate with the emotions of every human being and help you heal any emotion that you have out of balance and that you do not know how to manage. They do it in a smooth and effective way and the time varies according to each person, because a person who has experienced different crises, traumas and complex emotional episodes since childhood is not the same as a person who, on the contrary, has never been exposed. No emotional crisis.

I am going to share a couple of examples to explain in detail the way my Flower Essences work:

When an irascible person gets irritated very easily, they start consuming "Calm for your soul" and just before arguing with someone, they think: "why am I going to waste my time with unnecessary discussions"? The fact that the person no longer responds reactively is an effect of the Floral Essence, since before consuming it it was the only way to react.

Here is another example, a person who is very afraid of getting on a plane and consumes my Flower Essence "Courage for your soul" for a while and at a certain moment gets on a plane and does not notice the fear he felt before, it is the effect of the Flower Essence. There are even people who, after consuming them for a while, realize when they are in midair and say: "Hey, I don't have the same fear as before!" That is the Flower Essence working within her.

Flower Essences do not put your pain to sleep, on the contrary, they allow you to enter into resonance with your energy field to help you heal, transform and evolve, that is why they are called vibrational medicine.

By consuming the Flower Essences you begin to understand that as human beings we are responsible for managing our health and accepting the challenges that arise to achieve a speedy physical, emotional and mental recovery, since it is not simply leaving the responsibility to a pill that I take in the morning, but when I realize what irritates, bothers, hurts or affects me, I start to work on it.

Can I consume more than one Flower Essence at a time?

Yes, you can consume them without problem, and I even suggest that you alternate them as different episodes occur in your life, for example if you are experiencing high levels of stress you can consume Rescue, Calm anxiety for your soul and for moments that you experience known or unrecognized fears you can consume Valor for your soul.

In this way, Floral Essences can be your best allies at different times that are presented to you.

Sweet Dreams Tea

To prepare my Sweet Dreams Tea, follow these steps:

  1. Pour freshly boiled hot water into a cup.
  2. Add one or two bags of Sueña Bonito Tea, depending on the
    concentration you want.
  3. Let it rest in the water for 5 to 10 min. and you remove it.
  4. Add sweetener according to your taste. And enjoy!

How long before going to sleep should I drink the Sueña Bonito tea?

I recommend consuming my Sueña Bonito Tea 40 minutes before going to sleep, I recommend that when you go to drink it you are already in rest mode, that is, ready to rest, in bed, with the television turned off, without paying attention to the cell phone, and without no distraction that can prevent your rest. Take that time to relax and connect with yourself. After taking it, enjoy a guided meditation to sleep, you can put one of the ones that I send you every week, it will help you clear your mind and rest better.

Can I consume Sueña Bonito Tea if I am pregnant or lactating?

Each body is different, so I suggest you consult with your trusted doctor.

If I am taking medication, can I consume Sweet Dreams Tea? o If I have any particular pathology?

I suggest you consult with your trusted doctor, because some plants can counteract the effectiveness of certain medications.

What are the ingredients of Sweet Dreams Tea?

My patented formula of my Sweet Dreams Tea, has super good ingredients that can help you a lot, I have brought them from different parts of the world making sure that they were of the highest quality, among them we have: lavender, chamomile, passion flower, mint, lemon balm , chaste tree, valerian root, blue cornflower and cherry tea.

I work at night. How can I consume Sweet Dreams Tea?

My Beautiful Dream Tea you should take it as follows: when you get home you take a shower with warm water, prepare the tea and get ready to rest, it is the same methodology as people do at night, only it is It fits into your schedule, the ideal is that you calculate and take it when you are in a quiet place, ready to rest.

Remember that it is totally natural, its ingredients are created and formulated to relax you anytime you need it.

From what age can Sweet Dreams Tea be consumed?

Mi Sweet Dreams Tea can be consumed from 3 years of age.


What is Stevia Sweetens Your Soul?

My new formula to sweeten your life and take care of your health is a 100% Natural Stevia liquid extract:

  • ️No calories.
  • ️It has no impact on blood glucose levels.
  • Ideal for diabetics.
  • It does not change the taste of your drinks or food.
  • Free of dyes and enriched with Vitamin C.

How is Stevia Sweeten your soul consumed?

My Stevia extract is 100% natural, it can be 200 to 300 times sweeter than sugar. A single drop of this sweetener is equivalent to one teaspoon of sugar. So I recommend that you put a drop in your drink, mix, taste and at that point decide if you want to add more sweetener to your drink.

You can also apply it with your recipes, since my sweetener does not change the flavor of the ingredients or leave a bitter taste.

What are the benefits of Stevia Sweeten your soul?

My Stevia Sweetens your soul is a 100% natural extract that has many benefits to sweeten your life and take care of your health, including:

  • No calories.
  • It has no impact on blood glucose levels.
  • Ideal for diabetics, children, pregnant women and all people who want to take care of their health and continue enjoying drinks and recipes without being self-conscious about its sweet taste.
  • It does not change the taste of your drinks or food, nor does it leave the bitter taste that many sweeteners tend to leave.
  • Free of dyes and enriched with Vitamin C.
  • For people with hypertension, Stevia helps regulate blood pressure and stimulates the heartbeat.
  • Stevia is a vasodilator, which means it can help increase the diameter of blood vessels. Thus, it improves circulation and helps people with vascular diseases.
  • It does not have negative side effects on our body, such as those generated by sugar or other artificial sweeteners that are produced chemically, such as aspartame. You can consume it and avoid inflammation, being overweight, and the elevation of blood glucose, in addition to all the negative effects that sugar generates on your health in the long term, such as cancer.
  • This natural Stevia extract, in addition to being used to sweeten drinks, can also be used in different preparations such as desserts, cookies, and other recipes that require sweetening.

Can diabetics consume Stevia Sweeten your Soul?

My Stevia Sweetens your soul is a natural product, thus being the #1 ally for a diabetic or anyone who wants to reduce the risk of diabetes, since it does not provide calories or carbohydrates. Furthermore, it has no impact on blood glucose levels or the response to insulin. Unlike sugar for example, the glucose-containing particles within Stevia are absorbed by colonic bacteria, rather than being absorbed into the bloodstream and affecting the glycemic index. Which will allow you to sweeten your drinks and recipes without affecting your health.

Can children consume Stevia Sweeten your soul?

Of course. My Stevia Sweetens your soul does not change the taste of drinks or recipes, nor does it leave the bitter taste that many sweeteners tend to leave, therefore its use in children's diets is highly recommended, since childhood obesity is closely related to excessive consumption of refined sugars.

Can Stevia Sweeten your soul be consumed by people in the process of losing or controlling weight?

My Stevia Sweetens your soul is 100% natural, it does not provide calories or carbohydrates. Therefore, it helps people who are losing weight or want to maintain their weight to sweeten their drinks and recipes avoiding inflammation and side effects.

What does your product contain, Stevia Sweetens your soul?

My sweetener Sweeten your Soul contains Steviol Glycosides, water, potassium sorbate (to make it last longer) and Vitamin C. Try it I know you'll love it!


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