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Terapeuta natural Carolina
Terapeuta natural

as the days went by, the symptoms worsened. I started losing my hair due to stress-induced alopecia. My appetite and weight were like a roller coaster because some days i had intense food cravings, especially for refined carbohydrates, processed meats, and lots of sugar. I constantly needed more and more sweetness.

My energy depleted, and i no longer felt capable of working, going out, or socializing. I gradually distanced myself from friends and family.

Intense panic attacks emerged, causing me to stop driving and avoiding many activities that terrified me. Before i knew it, the life i once knew had disappeared, and i no longer recognized myself.

During this time, i visited many healthcare specialists who, after conducting medical check-ups, concluded that i was physically healthy. The only option they offered me was psychiatric medication.

Deep down in my heart, i felt that it wasn't the solution for me. In my rational moments, i believed that this crisis had come to teach me something important. I felt that taking psychiatric medication would numb my emotional distress but wouldn't help me find the root cause of everything i was going through.

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Returning to my story... One day, i dreamt of the phrase "your home is where your thoughts find peace, " and when i woke up, this phrase resonated deeply within me. I couldn't get it out of my mind.

So, i started questioning myself: how can my thoughts find peace? I devoured books, took courses, attended numerous conferences, and sought therapy with holistic coaches.

In this process, i discovered three teachings that changed my life, and today, i share them with you with great love:

● i couldn't continue searching for answers outside of myself. I believed that the "other" or the external world held my healing. However, through awakening my consciousness, silence, meditation, and prayer, i began accepting, understanding, and processing my crisis. Of course, i didn't neglect the many tools that were helping me, but recognizing that i had healing power within myself was truly eye-opening.

Esencias exploradora del alma

Esencias - Exploradora del Alma

● I learned the technique of "here and now! " i started practicing presence in every activity, which significantly reduced my anxiety. It became a very effective grounding connection. When i say i applied it to everything, i mean everything. For example, breathing, walking, studying, reading, cooking, and more.

● I discovered the benefits of plants through flower remedies when one of my coaches suggested i consume flower essences. This changed my life. At that moment, i had no idea what they were talking about, so i started researching and consuming them for a long time. Witnessing


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