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Soul Peace Kit

This Peace-filled Kit comes into your life to support your healing, protection, and purification journey.

🌿 It naturally helps calm your mind.
 🌿 It encourages you to feel inner well-being, to regain meaning and love for your life.
 🌿 It promotes hope and the enjoyment of the present moment: here and now.
🌿 It enhances your emotional vitality, promoting a balanced, pleasant, and positive way of living.
Moreover, each crystal in the "Return to Calm" bracelet connects with your vibrational frequency through its molecular structure, sacred geometry, and the vibration of color.

These energetic connections create a harmonizing effect in your life, aligning the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects, aiding self-awareness, and the awakening of all the internal resources granted by God to help you heal and maintain well-being in all aspects of your life.

Get this kit if you would like to:

Strengthen relationships, heal emotions, find inner peace, confidence, forgiveness, and self-esteem. Heal from a lack of love and the anxiety associated with abandonment.

With the purchase of this kit, I'm offering a completely FREE virtual workshop where you can learn more about the wonderful world of crystals, how they work, their purpose, and how to set intentions for and cleanse them.

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Soul Peace Kit

$52.98 USD

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