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Connection Kit

This Connection Kit, featuring plants, crystals, and essential oils, is designed to support your healing process, offering protection and purification.

It creates a harmonizing effect in your life, tuning the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of your being. It facilitates self-awareness and the awakening of all the inner resources bestowed by God, aiding in your healing and promoting well-being across all facets of your life.

Additionally, the inclusion of the potent "Return to Calm" Essential Oil will assist in OXYGENATING, FOCUSING, and ENERGIZING you.

Consider this kit if you're seeking to:

Strengthen relationships, heal emotions, find inner peace, gain confidence, practice forgiveness, boost self-esteem, and heal from love deficiencies and anxieties related to abandonment.

With the purchase of the Connection Kit, I will gift you a completely FREE virtual workshop that you're sure to love. It will guide you in "Returning to Calm," enabling you to maximize the healing power of plants.

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Connection Kit

$43.99 USD

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