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Kit Bienestar

Wellness Kit

his therapeutic trio is designed to foster inner peace and harmony, guiding you to a natural state of well-being. Let's explore the 'Wellness' Kit:

🌿 CALM FLOWER ESSENCE: Your mindfulness partner to soothe the mind, relieve occasional stress, and facilitate harmony even in crisis situations. Breathe deep, find your calm. 🌈

🌼 RESCUE FLORAL ESSENCE: Your lifeline during stressful periods, insomnia, or anxiety and panic attacks. You're not alone in this journey, we're here to help. 🛡️

☕ YOU DREAM BEAUTIFUL: Your ticket to tranquil nights. Enjoy this blend 40 minutes before bedtime, and let your worries dissolve as you drift into peaceful slumber. Sweet dreams. 🌛

Are you ready to welcome wellness into your life with calmness, resilience, and beautiful dreams? Get your 'Wellness' Kit today.

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Wellness Kit

$73.99 USD

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