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Blog Exploradora del alma esencia floral

Cough tea: homemade and easy

The Disease that gave birth to Exploradora del Alma

From the day I was born, I was diagnosed with asthma, a complex disease that doesn't allow you to breathe easily. This is because your airways are inflamed, making it hard for enough air to pass through for a good quality of life. It also causes significant chest pain and a strong chronic cough that lasts for long periods.

After countless visits to specialists and undergoing all the therapies they recommended, my mom decided to give natural remedies a try. That's when she stumbled upon the golden recipe I'm about to share with you. It became the only home remedy that soothed my inflammation and calmed my severe coughing spells.

So, if you're going through this or know someone who is, pay attention to this preparation: Start by steeping a licorice tea bag in a glass of hot water, letting it sit while you prepare the rest.

Licorice relaxes your airways, is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, and boosts your immune system, making it an essential component for this remedy.

Next, slice half of an onion into thin slices (either white or purple) and simmer it on low heat. Onions are high in polyphenols, which help clear the airways.

To this mixture, add the juice of two juicy lemons. As you stir, you'll notice the onion releasing its juice.

Add three teaspoons of the licorice tea we prepared earlier to this mixture. Also, add two teaspoons of natural honey and continue to stir on low heat for about 5 minutes. Once it's ready, it will look like a syrup made of onion, honey, and lemon. Strain this over the rest of the licorice tea. 

And now your natural remedy to combat coughing is now ready!

If you're worried about tasting the onion, rest assured – the other ingredients mask its flavor.

Give this natural remedy a try; you have nothing to lose! Of course, it's not a miracle cure. Be consistent and drink it three times a day for at least a week. If there's no improvement, it's essential to see your trusted doctor.

If this illness keeps you awake or causes poor sleep, I recommend my "Dreamy Night Tea" which helps:

🌿 Calm and relax

🌿 Reduce inflammation

🌿  Strengthen the immune system

🌿 Increase productivity and focus

🌿 Boost creativity

🌿 Improve emotional control

🌿 And, of course, provides a better night's rest when needed

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