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Blog Exploradora del alma esencia floral 2
Blog Exploradora del alma esencia floral

Joy with a cup of tea a day


Have you ever felt overwhelmed by stress, anxiety, or even sadness? We've all experienced moments when our minds and emotions seem to be trapped in a maze with no way out. But did you know that a cup of tea a day can be the key to regaining your joy and well-being?

The recipe I'm going to share with you today lifts your spirits and improves your energy. It's simple but very powerful because it consists of 3 ingredients, and the most important one is a tea that has the highest antioxidants content and the least processing of all teas in the world: white tea.

White tea is an excellent ally for people suffering from anxiety, stress, and nervous breakdowns because it's rich in L-theanine, an amino acid that naturally generates calm and tranquility in our neurotransmitters.

The second ingredient is Hibiscus Flower. This flower acts as a stimulant to uplift your mood. And if you add a handful of fresh mint leaves, you'll relax your mental stress and feel much better emotionally.

Once you have the 3 ingredients: white tea, hibiscus flower, and mint leaves, you combine them in a cup of water and let them steep for a few minutes on low heat. Remember, don't boil, just heat it gently to preserve their properties. After 10 minutes, let it cool, strain it, add ice, and your preferred sweetener. I usually use my stevia "Endulza tu alma". And now your drink is ready to enjoy.

Tea is an ancient beverage that has been used for centuries worldwide for its healing and medicinal properties. From green tea to chamomile tea, each variety has its own beneficial properties for health.

Remember that drinking tea is a healing ritual, not only physically because by drinking it regularly you detoxify toxins and it helps with your overall health, but it also helps with various emotional symptoms and connects you with your soul. That's why I always insist that nature is wise and accessible to everyone. It is our best ally to embark on a path of healing and liberation.

Moreover, taking a moment to prepare and enjoy a cup of tea can be a meditation practice in itself. By focusing on the preparation process and savoring each sip, you can train your mind to be more present and mindful in the "Here and Now" moment.

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